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TENGA MOOVA (Rocky Black)

TENGA MOOVA (Rocky Black)
TENGA MOOVA (Rocky Black)
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  • Model: MOV-002
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Tenga Moova's spiral-ribbed casing has created "spinning stimulation". Cover the air hole at the top of the cup during use, and Moova will wind and unwind, creating a spiraling movement. Additionally, Moova's malleable casing allows you to control the stimulation to suit your desire, simply by squeezing, twisting and gripping it. Enjoy the dynamic pleasure made possible with Tenga's latest material and intricate design.The two different colors of Moova, Rocky Black and Silky White, have different internal details and material strength. Try them both.

Product Characteristic:
- Spiraling ribs
- Air hole at tip
- Malleable material
- Reusable
- Inner sleeve can be removed for cleaning
- Stand included for easy drying after cleaning
- Free packet of lubricant included

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