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Alphahygienic Rainbow23 (Warming)

Alphahygienic Rainbow23 (Warming)
Alphahygienic Rainbow23 (Warming)
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Rainbow23 – Warming utility

Rainbow23 – Warming is inspired by Korean mugwort steaming therapy. As long as the product is injected into the vagina, women can experience warmth from the inside out. It feels similar to the body fluids secreted by women when they are sexually excited, causing the brain to produce It creates a feeling of being in a state of excitement, raising women's sexual excitement to another level and creating unforgettable sexual memories.

Alpha Hygienic Rainbow23 series product features

Alpha Hygienic's Rainbow23 series consists of 7 products, namely Warming, Relax, Beauty, Refresh, Plain, Moisture, and Aging. The products are all made according to the pH of the female vagina and are lubricants that can be used with sex toys and condoms. Four of the products also allow women to experience the pleasure of sex through taste, touch, and smell.

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