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100shoot!! Sperm lubricant 200ml

100shoot!! Sperm lubricant 200ml
100shoot!! Sperm lubricant 200ml
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The realistic faint yellow-colored sperm lotion is very striking. On the package, a catchphrase is written that " 100 shots! A massive amount of concentrated sperm" and it'd probably make people who have a fetish for sperm so horny. A lot of sperm-type lotions have been released so far, but this lotion is different since many kinds of moisturizing ingredients are included. We completely stuck with the tenderness to your skin to blend marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera extract, and the rest. Moreover, the selling point of this lotion is that it mimics the smell of sperm. Various perfumes are blended subtly and so this distinct smell was born. The smell is neither chestnut flower nor cheese which are typically expressed as the smell of sperm. In monitor tests, it was well-received that it smells casual when using more than smelling it directly. You can use it to do "Bukkake" on your lover's face and for masturbators. Enjoy the feeling of the "load" dripping from the pussy. This flavored lotion is for people who love sperm and the realistic appearance and smell make you really excited!! You can use it anywhere since it's hygienic and tender to your skin. *You might see a white floating substance in the bottle. It’s just one of the minerals so there’s no problem with its quality.
SPEC Product Size Diameter: 4.4cm Height: 18.5cm Product Weight: 254g Net Volume: 200ml
Ingredients: Purified water, Polyacrylic acid, Mineral oil, Sodium hyaluronate, Marine collagen, Aloe vera extract, Amino acid, Arginine, Threonine, Proline, Perfume, Food Yellow No.4 (Tartrazine), Food Yellow No.5(Sunset Yellow FCF)
Packaged Size: Same as product dimensions Packaged Weight: Same as product weight Country of Origin: Japan

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