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Diatomaceous earth Stick

Diatomaceous earth Stick
Diatomaceous earth Stick
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Starting with bath mats, diatomaceous earth has been used in a variety of products such as coasters, spoons and moisture control sticks. The diatomaceous earth has been used for various items such as coasters, spoons, moisture control sticks, etc. Its outstanding water absorption and drying ability can be used in many unexpected situations.
This is the latest in the series of "Comfortable masturbation goods" including "Onashutto" and "Onaclean". The stick is made of diatomaceous earth, and it absorbs the water left inside in a flash by sticking it into a washed masturbator.
The design which looks like the Parthenon's pillar is designed to make water droplets penetrate between the slits. This structure is also resistant to external pressure, making it difficult to break and contributing to water absorption efficiency by increasing the surface area.
The slit structure reduces the contact area and reduces friction. It can be said that it is the best masturbation stick in history that has both smooth insertion and removal and excellent water absorption.
Please be careful not to leave this stick in the masturbator when you use it. If the diatomaceous earth is touched for a long time, it may absorb the oil content of the masturbator and affect the quality of the masturbator, so please be careful

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