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TENGA AERO Silver Ring

TENGA AERO Silver Ring
TENGA AERO Silver Ring
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  • Brand: TENGA
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  • Model: TAH-001
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Newly developed Aero Dial structure
Control the suction by turning the dial!

Adjustable Aero Dial with ten levels
Turning the marker to the left increases suction and produces greater tightness.
The Elastomer can be removed from the Casing.Reusable and fully washable.

How to dry
Extend Cap's Drying Stand, then fix it in place by rotating clockwise until it clicks.
Fit the Elastomer onto the Stand and allow it to air dry.
Included Drying Stand
for hygienic air drying

After air drying
If the Cap has unwanted dirt on it after drying, it can be removed and washed by turning the Drying Stand clockwise until it clicks and then pulling up.

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