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TENGA Spinner (02)

TENGA Spinner (02)
TENGA Spinner (02)
Ex Tax: MOP$290.0
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Brand: TENGA
  • Reward Points: 290
  • Model: SPN-002
  • Weight: 190.00g
  • Dimensions: 45.00mm x 45.00mm x 130.00mm
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The "Tenga Spinner" is a real milestone for Tenga. Tenga is known for its customary simple yet clean design and the spinner is no exception. Up to 3 alternatives are provided to cater for your different wants. The spinner will automatically tighten in accordance with your thrusts. Comparing to its counterparts, the 02 Tenga Spinner is most average. To top it all off, it also comes with a hexa and corrugated texture on the inside, which makes your experience an even better one. A drain rack is included so cleaning will never be a hassle.

Product Characteristic:
- Hexa
- Hardness average
- Average inner diameter
- Automatic tightening
- Reusable
- One pack lubricant included

**Cannot be flipped inside out**

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