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Genmu Version 3.0 Fleshy Touch

Genmu Version 3.0 Fleshy Touch
Genmu Version 3.0 Fleshy Touch
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Genmu Cup Version 3.0 has all the things you love about version 2.0 and more. Designed in Japan, it is made of high quality body-safe silicone, giving you a true flesh-feel with the touch of real skin. The new exterior shell is designed with an additional narrowed waist on it to create more complex sensations.

Product Characteristic:
- High quality safe silicone
- Double-waist cup shell design
- Soft and elastic
- Odorless
- Non-sticky
- Non-perforated
- Can be easily detached for cleaning
- Reusable
- Free lubricant included
- Can be used with Genmu Oral Air and its attachment.

Product Spec:
- Length: 6.22" (15.8cm)
- Insertable length: 4.72" (12cm)
- Diameter: 2.64" (6.7cm)

GENMU Fleshy Touch Version 3.0
Designed to a give you a realistic experience, this product begins your fleshy journey with a tight exciting opening for your penetration. There is a bit of space right after the entrance to make penetration easy and to prevent lubricant from spilling. Then, you will find a huge amount of spiralling granules, giving you wraparound excitement. What awaits you at the end is a very tight deepest point that coincides with the concave-shaped outer shell to create an ultimate stimulation point that will give you that final orgasmic satisfaction! Enjoy your fleshy ride to the back!

Proper maintenance and care:
- If irritation occurs please discontinue use immediately;
- This product is for personal use, please take care with hygiene;
- GENMU Cup can be detached for cleaning and reuse, please clean gently;
- Air dry and pat down after cleaning;
- Store in a dry place after cleaning.
- Do not use hot water

Imported from Japan

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