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Genmu Weapon Hand Granade C4

Genmu Weapon Hand Granade C4
Genmu Weapon Hand Granade C4
Genmu Weapon Hand Granade C4
Genmu Weapon Hand Granade C4
Genmu Weapon Hand Granade C4
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US-Japan joint development

The latest series of heavy-duty armed aircraft cups are professionally designed by American designers. Made of 100% medical materials, reusable, odorless, and non-sticky. Just wash with water or soap and blow dry, simple and easy maintenance

The GENMU WEAPON heavy weapon series is set up in response to real needs in order to solve the sexual desire problem of soldiers, also known as "camouflage cup"

The American designer understands that the huge soldiers of sexual distress are strongly restrained, so that their lust cannot be relieved through normal marriage, so their sexual desire is beyond ordinary people

This is because the resident is away, there are few women, and military missions are frequent, and the soldiers have a lot of demand, so "need" supports "supply", so this cup was developed.

GENMU WEAPON C4 plastic explosives: changeable, super plastic explosives, narrow and shallow vaginal canals, delicate and delicate meat walls, unstoppable emotions, explosive pleasure stimulation


1. This product is only for couples, please pay attention to cleanliness before and after use

2. Please use it with caution under the premise of safety, voluntary and pleasure

【Cleaning Precautions】

1. Wipe this product with a neutral detergent before use, do not wipe with a volatile detergent

2. Do not wash the switch or power supply directly when wiping, so as to avoid short circuit and unusable

【Storage Precautions】

1. Please store this product in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight, high temperature, and humid places

2. After use, please wipe it before storage

  . Main product: Japan's GENMU jointly developed by the United States and Japan WEAPON heavy weapon series, powerful artillery, camouflage, wonderful cup, C4 plastic explosive*1

. Commodity size: 16*6.8cm

. Commodity accessories: lubricant 6ml

. Commodity material: silicone

. Product color: camouflage

. Product code: GCU01010

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